A selection of noteworthy projects.


This is a recap from the conference. I created the animated stings and interstitials. Also the loops that ran behind the moderated talks. The intention was to bring the identity of the conference to the next level. The original identity was not created by me but was created in RTE by Mark Henessey. The conference was superb, for people interested in media divergence and tech minification among other things. Glen Mulcahy is the man behind the conference.

Irish Folk Furniture wins at Sundance 

The film by Tony Donoghue is an animated documentary about repair and recycling in rural Ireland. The film scooped the prestigious award for animation at perhaps the most important film festival on the planet. Even selection was a major achievement as it puts the work on a global pedestal. [2012]
More can be read in the media:

Alan Eddie's role : Mise en scène
(translation - some grading, effects, editing, fixes etc.)

London 2012 Title

Designed & produced by RTÉ Graphic Design.
Production team were all in-house design, camera crew, lighting & staging. Filmed on Red Epic.
Alan Dunne/ Design & Direction | Alan Eddie/ 3D Animation

Further credits on Alan Dunne's site.

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