Corner Cutters 

A collection of scripts to make your life easier in After Effects. 
Corner Cutters do the donkey work. You focus on the good stuff. Use the toolbar or use individual scripts integrated into your own workflow. Video Tutorial  at bottom of this page!

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What's new and changed?

New-Settings button for options and help.
New-Smaller buttons, save screen space.
New- Hide buttons that you are not using. (In settings, relaunch to take effect.)
New-Buttons can be organized in columns rather than a row. ( Settings - Compact Buttons)
New-Edit boxes are colour coded to script buttons.
New-TidyUp-You can now enter your own names for folders.  -Names saved between sessions,-Ignore selected option included. Only tidy certain elements.
New-AED_TrafficLights-Choose your own tag names.
New-AED_FlipColourize - Slider operated now for simplicity.
New-Usual f/x - User can now choose own usual effects/presets.   - 3 buttons instead of one-Saves presets of your choosing. Change helptips in settings to remember what buttons do.
New-AED_SelectHereDown- Alt&Click selects here up.New-KillDeadSpace - Alt&Click operates alternately working bottom to top.
New-AED_AutoTrimmer - Sequentially trimming clips in the timeline using work area. Choose own trim length.
New-AED_LayerTag- Copy Layer name to marker. Shift&Click = remove all markers. Alt&Click = copy effectnames to markers.
New- Fade in/out/CrossBlend - Alt&Click gives a “to or from here” option.   -Shift&Click = Set the fade time inframes(or use edit boxes).
New-Mask expansion/contraction script now included.
New-Mask scripts- Shift&Click-  sets pixel amount.(or useedit boxes).-Alt&Click- on the 2 mask  scripts changes pixel value to negative on the fly.
New-Add element buttons - Solid, Adjustment layer, Null and Camera.
New-CompDuration-click button to enter seconds or frames.
Fix-crashing on Flip Colourize and feathering scripts when keyframes present.
Fix-UI coding cleaned up to prevent workspace errors.
Fix-Bug in AED_SwapFootage fixed.Fix-Website links fixed and now launch properly.
Fix - Buttons missing on the help panel (CS3 and 4).Other -CS3 no longer supported.
CornerCutters for After Effects v2.0Author: Alan Eddie
Copyright (c) Alan Eddie, all rights reserved. 2012
e:  alanedd[the mail symbol]gmail.com   //w : http://alaneddie.com  
Available to buy on AEscripts.com.After Effects CS4 or later required.

Also available as individual scripts with icons, for other toolbar implementations.This script is provided "as is”, without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied. In no event shall the author be held  liable for any damages arising in any way from the use of this script individually or as a group of scripts. If you have purchased this script, drop me a mail with bugs or suggestions and I will endeavour to help as soon as possible.Many thanks to Dan Ebberts, Paul Tuersely, Lloyd Alvarez, Jeff Amasol, David Torno and all the After Effects community  for their internet postings and scripts and generosity.
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